What To Expect

At Kingdom Tutors, we help students formulate the core basics of their language style, create sentence structure and apply proven math techniques. 

  • Work to attain the average of a 1060 score
  • Strengthen areas of growth
  • Best practices and interactive study guides

  • What To Expect
    • Reading & Writing Guides

      Kingdom Tutors provides non-fiction reading and writing materials which cover the greater part of the SAT and ACT passages.

      Math Strategy & Methods

      Kingdom Tutors prepares students with strategies and methods to easily and quickly solve math problems during testing.

      Subject-based Test Prep

      Kingdom Tutors prepares students for college readiness, working with their strengths and improving growth areas.

      Mastering the SAT & the ACT

      Early Test Prep


      Quick Methods & Techniques


      Subject-based Learning


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