Cancellations. An appointment may only be canceled if confirmed directly with the tutor or KT Manager.  The client may cancel any appointment 12 hours in advance of the previously scheduled time without penalty; otherwise, appointments will be treated as “Missed Session.”

Missed Session. A “missed session” is any appointment not canceled or rescheduled 12 hours prior to the scheduled time. The customer will be billed for one hour at their normal rate.  Failure of the student to be present at the meeting location within 15 minutes of the appointment will be billed as a

Time Billing.  Billing for hourly services begins at the scheduled time (provided that the tutor is present).  Clients may also be invoiced for time that the tutor spends on activities for the benefit of the student even if the student is not present.  This time will be billed applying a Preparation Discount.  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • The tutor edits a paper at his/her residence
  • The tutor reads a novel to present to the student
  • The tutor prepares extra coursework for the student to complete during a session

Clients paying by hour are to pay a $25 deposit to reserve time slots. If a student misses their first appointment with KT, this deposit is held as a penalty for missed session with tutor. To book a new reservation with tutor, the entire session fee must be paid prior to the session.

Session Minimums.  The minimum charge per each unique one-to-one session is 1 hour.

Penalties for Late Payment. A surcharge may apply for all invoices paid later than three days after the invoice date.

  • This late surcharge is not to exceed $5 a day or the amount limited by applicable law.